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Digital expert for real estate owners

Ownership is not only about rights but also about responsibilities.

Bring the care of your properties into a digital environment that helps you have a bird's eye view of all responsibilities.

We are creating a platform that ensures your property meets all owner obligation and digitizes the creation, negotiation, and agreement of facility management and maintenance contracts.

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Big Data AI


Digital Contracts

Digital Twin

A platform that brings together 5 fundamental components to underpin a complete solution for real-estate management administration & maintenance agreements - our ‘digital attorney’

Our solution will help you take control of all your properties, remove the risk of missing important tasks, simplify your facility management procurement processes and reduce and optimize your facility management service costs.

With our platform, you don't have to worry about the privacy of your digital twin. We use web3 technologies - the data is stored in a blockchain and locks each block in via advanced asymmetric cryptography, making your data completely tamper-proof. Only you have access to it and can share information with zero risk of data leakage.

The Solution

  1. 1 Adorney creates digital building.
  2. 2 The Platform composes technical description and terms of reference due to requirements maintenance introductions or under the law.
  3. 3 The solution offers management and maintenance services and products.
  4. 4 Through platform a purchase bid is placed and service providers responds with the offering.
  5. 5 Automated contract management period is started:
    • Notifications
    • Services fulfillment
    • Automated request of proposals
  6. 6 The system composes all necessary information and send it to the client facility management system.
  7. 7 Contract supervising.