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Digital Contractor for your business

We are creating platform for digitize the creation, negotiation, and agreement of facility management and maintenance contracts.

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Big Data AI


Digital Contracts

A platform that brings together 4 foundational components to underpin a complete solution for real-estate management administration & maintenance agreements - our ‘digital contractor’.

Our solution will simplify facility management services purchasing processes, reduce costs of purchasing services and optimize costs of facility management services.

The Solution

  1. 1 Adorney creates digital building.
  2. 2 The Platform composes technical description and terms of reference due to requirements maintenance introductions or under the law.
  3. 3 The solution offers management and maintenance services and products.
  4. 4 Through platform a purchase bid is placed and service providers responds with the offering.
  5. 5 Automated contract management period is started:
    • Notifications
    • Services fulfillment
    • Automated request of proposals
  6. 6 The system composes all necessary information and send it to the client facility management system.
  7. 7 Contract supervising.